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Alexandra Donavan On the Intersection Between Poetry, Chaplaincy and Hospice

In this week’s episode, Saul and Joe talk with Alexandra Donovan. Alexandra is a poet, teacher, hospice chaplain, workshop and retreat leader, and grant-writer based in the Los Angeles, CA, and Fort Collins, CO areas. Her first chapbook, Mother Stump, is now available from Yak Press.

A conversation with documentary film legend Terrence Youk

As we continue to honor the National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, We replay Saul Ebema’s conversation with documentary film legend Terrence Youk. His wonderful documentary film, “The Pioneers of Hospice” is available for purchase HERE.

A Conversation with Cathy Siebold on the early years of the Hospice movement

Saul Ebema talks with Dr. Cathy Siebold- a legendary social worker, psychotherapist and social movement theorist. Cathy Siebold is also the author of “The Hospice Movement: Easing death pains.” In this interview, she talks about her recollection of the earlier years of the hospice movement.

The legendary Paul Nash on the 10th anniversary of “Held in Hope” and Bibliotherapy

In today’s episode, Saul and Joe talk to the legendary pediatric chaplain Paul Nash about the 10th anniversary of his team’s grief publication for children called, “Held in Hope” and Bibliotherapy.

A Conversation with Chaplain Kimberly Hinz

Rev. Kimberly Hinz serves as chaplain at Lighthouse Hospice and Palliative Care. She started at Lighthouse this year, and prior to that was a chaplain at Hosparus Health in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Kimberly has also served as a hospital chaplain for AMITA Healthcare and Advocate Healthcare.

A Talk with Sallie Tisdale on her book “Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them).”

In Today’s episode, Saul and Joe talk with Sallie Tisdale. She is the author of ten books. Her most recent book is The Lie About the Truck. Her earlier books include Talk Dirty to Me and Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them).

Dr. Lydia S. Dugdale on the Lost Art of Dying

Dr. Lydia.S. Dugdale is the Director of the Center for Clinical Medical Ethics and Dorothy L. and Daniel H. Silberberg Associate Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.

A Conversation with author Elly Sheykhet

In today’s episode, Saul and Joe talk to Elly Sheykhet the author of two books- “One Year After: From Grief to Hope” and “The Beauty of a Grieving Mother: Mothers Share their Stories of Finding Hope after the loss of a Child.”

A Conversation with Gabrielle Elise Jimenez- a hospice nurse, blogger & author

In today’s episode, Saul and Joe talk with Gabrielle Elise Jimenez a hospice nurse, blogger & author. In her 40’s, Gabrielle went back to school to become a hospice nurse. She shares her difficult journey in her book “Soft Landing”.

Journalist Ann Neumann on Elder Care and the Exploration of Dying in America.

In this week’s episode, Saul and Joe talk remotely with Ann Neumann about her work and book. Neumann is the author of The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America (Beacon, 2016). Her work has appeared at the The New York Times, The Guardian, Harper’s magazine, The Baffler, Guernica magazine (where she’s a contributing nonfiction editor), and elsewhere.

Journalist Katie Engelhart on her book “The Inevitable: Dispatches on the right to die.”

In this episode, Saul and Joe talk remotely with veteran journalist Katie Engelhart. Katie is a writer and producer, based in Toronto and New York. She is also a Fellow at New America. Lately, her work has focused on healthcare and bioethics.

Florence Wald and the care for the terminally ill in the 1940s and 50s

Florence Wald received a Bachelor of Arts degree in physiology and sociology from Mount Holyoke College in 1938 and immediately enrolled in the 30-month nursing program at Yale University. However, by the time Florence went to Yale University School of Nursing, there was beginning to be a shift in philosophy of care where the primary focus was on the disease, and not on the patient. This disease orientation was a result of the rapidly growing knowledge in medical science that was overshadowing everything else at the time.

Florence Wald's early years and the state of care for the terminally ill in the 1930s

In Latin, the word hospice means to host a guest or stranger; Florence Wald, centered her life on hosting a dignified end of life process that honored the patient’s personhood. Her ideas around death and dying led to the formation of the first modern hospice in the United States in 1974. Because of her, there are thousands of hospice programs around the country- serving millions of patients and families.

Dr. David Clark on his book, “Cicely Saunders: A life and legacy.”

Dr. David Clark is Professor emeritus of Medical Sociology at the University of Glasgow's School of Interdisciplinary Studies in Dumfries and has wide-ranging interests in end-of-life issues in the global context. He founded and led the Glasgow End of Life Studies Group. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, and a Visiting Researcher at the University of Navarra, Spain.

A Talk with Suzanne Worthley on her book "An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying."

In Today’s episode, Saul and Joe talk with Suzanne Worthley. Suzanne is an energy healing practitioner and intuitive who has focused on death and dying for 20 years. She has played a vital role in partnership with families and hospice teams, helping the dying have a peaceful transition and helping families and caregivers understand what is happening energetically during the death process. She lives in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

A Follow up Conversation with Dr. Phillip Williams

In Today’s follow up episode, Joe and Saul once again talk remotely with Dr. Phillip D. Williams about his incredible life’s journey. Dr. Phil is currently a chaplain at the VA Healthcare Center in Temple Texas. He has also authored many books and is passionate about end-of-life care. In this episode, you will learn a little bit about his life’s journey

A Conversation with Dr. Phillip D. Williams

In Today’s episode, Joe and Saul talk remotely with Dr. Phillip D. Williams about his incredible life’s journey. Dr. Phil is currently a chaplain at the VA Healthcare Center in Temple Texas. He has also authored a lot books and is passionate about end-of-life care. In this episode, you will learn a little bit about his life’s journey.

The Importance of Symbols and Rituals in End of Life Care

In Today's episode, Saul Ebema talks about the Importance of Symbols and Rituals in end of life care. The truth is, our lives are made up of little moments of meaning. Just as an example- every morning when I wake up, I brush my teeth, go the gym, shower, eat breakfast and go to work… From our morning routines to our good-luck charms, we wrap ourselves in a world we construct to feel a degree of control; but beyond the basic utility of certain practices, we furnish these things with enjoyable gildings to make them feel personal. The same is true of the inter-personal world – we shape and personalize practices to make them feel as if they are ours, from the celebration of birthdays to the spectacle of weddings and to the observance of the passing of another life, we take occasions that bear no practical relevance to our day-to-day lives and show that they mean something. It is out of these shared expressions that culture emerges, and from culture, community. In this world we make, there are three distinctive elements of culture. These are; 1. Rituals 2. Symbols and 3. Myths. Each may be related to the other – in fact, it is almost essential for culture to endure that the three exist.

A Conversation with Chaplain Glenn Palmer

In this week’s episode, Saul talks with Glenn Palmer on his incredible life’s journey as a military and then hospice chaplain. Glenn is currently a hospice chaplain for Affinis Hospice in Augusta GA. He retired from the Army as an active-duty Chaplain with the rank of Lt. Col. in 2020 before doing a CPE residency at the VA. Last assignment in the Army was as the Chief, Training Development Division at the US Army Chaplain Center.

Helping Children deal with death

In Today’s episode, Joe and Saul talk about helping children deal with the topic of death. Many things influence children’s views on death and dying. Such as age, religious beliefs, cultural and ethnic values. However, death has never been as foreign to children as evidenced in their games, chants, prayers and songs that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Recognizing and Honoring the Pause

The dictionary defines a pause as a temporary rest in speech and action. In Today’s episode, Saul and Joe focus on that ‘temporary rest in action.’– However fast you are moving, there is always the chance to pause. To rest, reflect or recover and heal, but also to appreciate, get perspective, connect to others, listen, add emphasis, or have new ideas. You can pause for effect or pause for thought. It can be planned or spontaneous, momentary, or lasting.

Dr. Anne Katz on breaking the silence on sexuality in end of life care

Dr Anne Katz is a certified sexuality counsellor and clinical nurse specialist. She is the author of fourteen books and numerous articles in the professional literature. She is also the editor of The Oncology Nursing Forum which is the #1 nursing journal in the world. She has traveled the world as an educator to health care professionals and students of all disciplines.

The Importance of establishing meaningful relationships.

Humans are naturally social. Yet, the way of life in many countries like the United States is greatly reducing the quantity and quality of social relationships. Over the past two decades there has been a three-fold increase in the number of Americans who say they have no close confidants. In the UK, according to a recent survey by the Mental Health Foundation, 10% of people often feel lonely, a third have a close friend or relative who they think is very lonely, and half think that people are getting lonelier in general. There is reason to believe that people are becoming more socially isolated.

A Conversation with Dr. Julian Abel on elevating compassion

In Today’s episode, Saul and Joe talk remotely with Dr. Julian Abel. Throughout his career as a palliative care physician, Dr. Julian Abel has become increasingly involved in finding ways of building compassionate communities to support people at end-of-life.

Dr. Harold Braswell on his book “The Crisis of US Hospice Care.”

In Today’s episode, Saul speaks with Dr. Harold Braswell. Harold Braswell is an assistant professor of health care ethics at Saint Louis University. He is the author of The Crisis of US Hospice Care, which was published by Johns Hopkins University Press in August 2019. He can be reached on Twitter at @haroldbraswell.

Daniel Haas on Hospice Chaplaincy and Military Ministry

Daniel Haas is a native of Cologne, Germany. He came to the US in 2008 to minister to various congregations in the United Church of Christ. Eventually he transitioned into professional chaplaincy and military ministry. Daniel currently works full time for Hospice Compassus in Houston, Texas, PRN at CHI St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital, and the 94th Combat Support Hospital of the United States Army Reserve.

One on one with Joe Newton

In Today's episode, Saul interviews co-host Joe Newton about his life's journey to Hospice Chaplaincy.

A Conversation with Sharondalyn DuPree on Life and Chaplaincy

In today’s episode, Saul and Joe sit down to talk with Sharondalyn Y. DuPree, Ed.S., M.Div., also known as Chaplain Sharon. She serves as a chaplain in California. Her work encompasses working closely with hospice patients and their families, and she provides grief support in the community.

Paul Nash on Spiritual Play as an assessment and intervention tool for pediatric chaplaincy.

In today’s episode, Saul and Joe talk to Paul Nash. Paul is the Chaplaincy manager and Spiritual Care Lead at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital. He is co-founder of the Paediatric Chaplaincy Network, Centre for Paediatric Spiritual Care and Convenor of the Grove Youth Series.

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