The Hospice Chaplaincy Show is part of "Hospice Chaplaincy"a non profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in spiritual care at the end of life. The Hospice Chaplaincy Show is a podcast that addresses the psychosocial and psychospiritual aspects of end of life care in Hospice settings. Our mission is to advance the practice of spiritual care at the end of life in the postmodern world through evidence based theories, education and research. On the Hospice Chaplaincy Show, you will hear stories of experts (hospice chaplains, music therapists, social workers, grief counselors, nurses and doctors) in the field of end of life care.This podcast explores the therapeutic interventions they use to take care of their patients. This show is hosted by hospice chaplaincy experts Dr. Saul Ebema and Dr. Joe Newton. For more information, you can contact us at info@hospicechaplaincy.com Or 1 (888) 503 5260
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